About Ray White Real Estate

Ray White sold almost $44 billion in real estate last year.

In Australasia, Ray White is a household brand connected with the property and real estate industries.

Ray White was founded in 1902 in the small Queensland country town of Crows Nest and has since grown to become Australasia's most successful real estate company, with over 1,000 offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Atlanta, USA.

Ray White is still a family-owned company today, with a diverse portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and rural real estate and hotels, maritime, property management, and property fund investment. When you hire Ray White, you're hiring a company with over 118 years of experience.

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What can you expect from Ray White Real Estate:

The Strength of Ray White Network for April 2022 in Australia

Ray White History

Ray White has grown from humble origins with a single real estate office in Crows Nest, Queensland, to a referral network that now encompasses property management, auction services, commercial, White Private, rural, hotels, marine, insurance, and concierge services. Ray White is well-positioned to provide a value-added service to our customers for any real estate or property service.

It all started in an old shed on a railway line in one of the tiniest of provincial towns. Despite this, it thrived and expanded in size. Most significantly, Ray built a company that his family was proud of. A sense of pride was expressed in a commitment to continue to push the limits of its capabilities. New members and services are always being added to Ray White network.

Ray's philosophy was straightforward and timeless. Everything he and his successors did was guided by a core principle: An enormous desire to assist individuals with whom they did business and all those who entrusted their careers to the name "Ray White."