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Three Reasons Why Use a Real Estate Agent for selling your property in This Pandemic Era?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The pandemic crept into our lives and then suddenly created chaos on a global level. From lives to businesses, no domain of life hadn't felt the effects of the pandemic. The same is the case with the real estate market. Even though this happens to be one of the sturdiest industries, there was still chaos here as well.

In all such times, a real estate agent was needed to help property owners sell their homes by jumping through the hurdles created by the pandemic. Here's why getting professional help is crucial in this pandemic time.

Irving Gunawan with property sellers that sold their house in Kellyville NSW 2155, during Sydney's COVID-19 restriction.
Irving Gunawan with property sellers that sold their house in Kellyville NSW 2155, during Sydney's COVID-19 restriction.

Remote Challenges

While the pandemic did bring tons of downfalls with it, the boost in technological advancements for remote operation was the one small silver lining. With schools, businesses, and markets on complete lockdown, there was a rise in using technology for remote operational purposes. Offices and schools used Zoom video calls while real estate agents made the best out of their situation with the help of technology to conduct buyer inspections and auctions digitally.

Today, when the virus has slowed down but not completely vanished, it is still essential to take as many preventive measures as possible. Getting professional help from real estate agents means you are backed with the agent's latest technology that enables property selling remotely and safely.

Besides property inspection physically done by the buyer, an agent can provide the option of marketing the property with an online property's video or a 3-D map/floorplan for your house. The other popular choice is having the agent video call the buyer and have a live property inspection.

If you opted to go auction to sell your property, you could opt for an agent who will conduct an online auction. Instead of an auction conducted on-site where everyone attends physically, a digital auction provides an online platform for the buyers to bid remotely and the auctioneer to work remotely.

All of these will only be possible if you have a real estate agent guiding you through the sale of your property remotely.

Battling Uncertainty with Expertise

With chaos comes a load of uncertainty. The Reserve Bank of Australia keeps rates at a record low amid an 'uncertain' economic outlook for the coming months, making the market conducive for purchasing. However, interest rates are always possible to rise and change the real estate market in an instant. How do you catch up with the pace of changes that can take place? For first-time home sellers, it is challenging to study all the intricacies of the market and predict its direction.

With having a great real estate agent, all your uncertainty in property selling can be tackled with ease. Think of real estate agents as your ally in the tricky domain of real estate. They will provide you with suitable marketing approaches, selling methods, and advice depends on the current market and can predict where the market is heading. A great real estate agent has been working in the field for years that they have experienced market uncertainty before. An agent should have the expertise required to navigate the challenges of market uncertainty, negative buyer sentiment, lack of buying motivation, and inspection processes while still being able to help you get the best result for your property.

Higher Convenience, Lesser Paperwork

Let's face it, pandemic or no pandemic, all of us hate paperwork of any kind. When you choose to get a real estate agent, you give yourself the relief of not having to sit through hours and hours of confusing legalities and delicate transactions. Instead, your agent will be responsible for handling the complexities of the process on your behalf. All will be tackled by them, from the trades to dealing with the legalities, leaving you free to concentrate on your next home.

Your agent will also be with you throughout the process to explain the complex terms of the legal contracts and to help you get accustomed to your rights. With this excessive knowledge, you can be sure that the entire process will be spoon-fed to you in the easiest possible way. This way, you can be sure that no buyer out there will be able to sway you into accepting unfair deals.

Moreover, real estate agents might already have a database with a list of buyers actively looking for a similar property like yours in the area. If the buyer were found this way, this would further streamline the process and save you the cost of marketing.


The covid-19 pandemic has impacted everything, including real estate. If you think of selling your home during the pandemic, you need to be well informed to make the right decision. This is where a good estate agent comes into play, as having a good agent will ensure you are equipped with all the correct information, tools, and advice to get you the best result.

If you think of selling your property during this Sydney's lockdown, it will be wise to see how Irving Gunawan from Ray White Kellyville can make a difference in your property selling journey. Feel free to contact Irving at 0468 956 677 to learn how to make EASY your property selling or book your free real estate consultation.


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