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NSW 2155
Suburb Profile and Information

Kellyville Metro Station in Kellyville

Last updated on 7th September 2022

Here you can find the latest 2022 suburb profile for Kellyville, NSW 2155. This information will provide insight into the suburb’s postcode & local council, location, size, population, and demographic. It also provides the location of important places in the suburb, including transport, residential area, retirement community, schools and shopping centres.

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About Kellyville

Postcode & Local Government Area: 

Kellyville postcode is 2155, and it shared the same postcode with North Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge,  Beaumont Hills and Rouse Hills. Kellyville is part of The Hills Shire LGA.


The driving distance from Kellyville to Sydney CBD is 42.3km (approx. 38mins drive with toll) and 37.8km (approx. 59mins drive without toll).


Kellyville is approximately 9.4 square kilometres in area. It includes twelve parks, which account for 2.9% of the total area.


Kellyville had a population of 27,971 people in 2016. By 2021, the population had decreased slightly by 3.43% to 27,011.


The 40-44 year old age group is the most prevalent in Kellyville. Kellyville primary household is a family composed of couples with children, with a median weekly household income of $3,044 and a median mortgage repayment of $3,000 every month. Most people in Kellyville work as professionals.

Kellyville suburb area map

What's in Kellyville


  • Kellyville Station (Corner of Samantha Riley Dr and Old Windsor Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155).

Residential Area / Estate:

  • Duncraig Estate (Cattai Creek Dr, north-east Kellyville).

  • Highlands Estate (Wellgate Ave far-northern Kellyville area).

  • Elizabeth Macarthur Estate (Macquarie Ave, far-western Kellyville area).

  • Old Homeworld Display Village (Known as being originally the first 'New Homeworld').

  • New Homeworld Display Village (Homeworld IV, River Oak Cct, western Kellyville area).

Retirement Community / Estate:

  • BaptistCare: The Gracewood Community (8 Free Settlers Dr, Kellyville NSW 2155).

Schools in Kellyville:

  • Kellyville Public School (Public Primary School, 35A Windsor Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155).

  • Sherwood Ridge Public School (Public Primary School, 34 Rosebery Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155).

  • Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School (Catholic Primary School, 8 Diana Ave, Kellyville NSW 2155).

  • Kellyville High School (Public High School, Corner of York Rd and Queensbury Ave, Kellyville NSW 2155).

  • William Clarke College (Private School, 1 Morris Gr, Kellyville NSW 2155).

  • Tallowood School (Special needs School, 44 Redden Dr, Kellyville NSW 2155).

Shopping Centres / Shops:

  • Kellyville Village (90 Wrights Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155).

  • The Village Centre (29-31 Windsor Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155).

  • Kellyville Court (50 Windsor Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155).

Notable Places:

  • Bernie Mullane Sports Complex (10 Marella Ave, Kellyville NSW 2155).

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