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14 Top Reason For Selling Your Property with A Real Estate Agent Compared With Selling Privately

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The primary motivation for selling your property without a real estate agent is to avoid paying an agent's commission. True, you could attempt to do it, but will it cost you more? This article will discuss 14 reasons why you should hire a good real estate agent compared with trying to sell your property yourself.

Irving Gunawan Ray White with Property Sellers in 97 Phoenix Avenue Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768
Irving Gunawan from Ray White with Property Sellers in 97 Phoenix Avenue Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768

If you are thinking of selling your property by yourself, consider the following:

1. A good real estate agent provides professional advice on any necessary improvement to your property and its presentation before introducing it to any buyers. This can improve the property value in the buyers' eyes which resulted in a higher selling price.

2. The majority of property owners are not familiar with the contract of sale and Vendor's Statement which real estate agents are.

3. Advertising is costly and only a tiny part of marketing strategy. Therefore, having a good agent with market knowledge can help plan your advertising more effectively as part of a larger marketing strategy.

4. Many of the "best" buyers come from qualified potential buyers already registered in the agent database.

5. Buyers who buy privately are aware that you do not pay real estate agent commission, and they anticipate the price to be decreased accordingly. These are usually seasoned shoppers hunting for deals and hoping to take advantage of the sale's "low competition" status.

6. Property owners frequently overprice or underprice their property due to inexperience. A good agent can help you with a current market study of your house and help with pricing correctly.

7. Buyers feel uncomfortable raising objections directly to the property owner. These objections may well be buying signals. They don't want to offend the owner, so instead of declaring they're not interested, they say they like the property and will think about it.

8. If a buyer says they'll think about it, it's likely they've already considered it. They don't want to offend the property owner by expressing their thoughts about the property or the price they are willing to offer.

9. The majority of property owners are not equipped in dealing with objections. The best real estate agent can spot a legitimate concern from the buyer and explain how to overcome it.

10. Direct negotiations between buyers and sellers can often be very tricky, as property owners might become emotional. An excellent real estate agent manages the negotiation process as a third party without emotions that might derail the negotiation to ensure the owner get the best deal possible.

11. Many homeowners believe they have a buyer and take their house off the market, only to discover later that the buyer could not proceed. A good real estate agent can spot and qualify the buyer by asking the right questions.

12. Many buyers, especially first home buyers, require assistance with property financing, which a good real estate agent can provide.

13. The vendor lacks the ability or control to follow up with interested prospects. When more than one bidder is interested, property owners are confused about negotiating the best price.

14. A professional and knowledgeable real estate agent will provide an after-sales service that will generally counter any issues or problems that may arise after the sale.

Before you think of selling your property privately, it will be wise to see how an excellent real estate agent can make a difference in your property selling journey. Feel free to contact Irving at 0468 956 677 to learn more how to make EASY your property selling or book your free real estate consultation.


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