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Free property appraisal for
Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768
to know your home value

Stanhope Gardens Property Appraisal & Report to know Home Value

Accurate and reliable Stanhope Gardens property appraisal

What is a property appraisal?

A property appraisal is a way of evaluating the worth of a property by analysing its current market value.

As a local and licensed real estate agent specialising in Stanhope Gardens, Irving Gunawan can provide you with a market appraisal for your Stanhope Gardens property. With a thorough assessment of factors that influence a home’s value in Stanhope Gardens, such as its location, supply vs demand and Stanhope Gardens market condition, Irving can help you know your property’s true worth in the current market.

Did you know the prices in 2023 for properties in Stanhope Gardens?

Based on Stanhope Gardens Quarter 1 2023 (1 Jan 23 - 31 Mar 23) Property Market:

This year's median price is $1,320,000, a 1.49% decrease from last year's 2022 median.

The highest selling price for a Stanhope Gardens house sold in 2023 was $1,700,000.

Most houses in Stanhope Gardens sold between $1.3M to $1.4M.

For a three-bedroom house, the median price is $1,133,000.

For a four-bedroom house, the median price is $1,323,500.

For a five-bedroom house, the median price is $1,395,000.

What is your Stanhope Gardens home worth in 2023? 

Get your free professional appraisal with us...

We provide a professional market appraisal together with an online property report for your Stanhope Gardens home.

✅ No commitment, No String Attached.
✅ Not computer-generated, manually researched.
✅ Market Appraisal from a local agent with Stanhope Gardens local knowledge.

Find out what Your
Home in Stanhope Gardens
Really Worth

Get your free custom-written report for your home, complete with detailed local market analysis.

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Includes a complete property report and
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Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768 Property Appraisal Report
Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768 Property Market Report

What people say about our market appraisal ...

House appraised by Irving Gunawan

"Glad I Reached Out,
It Was an Easy Process!"

"I've been trying to get my market appraisals through lots of other websites but this assessment by far is the best one."

- Margareth & John (Homeowners)

House appraised by Irving Gunawan

"Accurate Pricing for My Home
with Great Advice!"

"Other real estate agents had done market appraisals for us, but Irving appraisal was the most realistic. He told us how much the house would sell for and gave us ideas on improving our home to increase the selling price."

- Sam & Pam (Property Sellers)

Modern Interior Design

Get your online property appraisal with us and discover the TRUE VALUE of your home.

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