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The Ponds
NSW 2769
Property Market

Property Market in The Ponds

Last updated up to 2nd Quarter 2024 (1 Jan 2024 - 30 June 2024)

Here you can find the latest 2024 property market data for The Ponds, NSW 2769. This market report will provide insight into the median house prices in the area, annual sold number, days on the market and auction clearance rate.

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The Ponds

Total number of properties: 4,770

Property types:

Standalone houses accounted for 83.7% of properties in The Ponds and 15.7% for Semi-detached, terrace house or townhouse.

Number of bedrooms:

Four or more bedroom property is the most dominant in The Ponds, which account for 82.6% of all properties, followed by three-bedroom property with 11.5%.


In 2021, properties in The Ponds that were owned with no mortgage were 12%, owned with a mortgage were 62.3%, and rental properties were 21.9%.

The Ponds
House Market Trends

Median house price

The median house price was:

So far in 2024, $1,653,000 (up by 11.3%)

   In 2023, $1,485,000 (up by 1.02%)

   In 2022, $1,470,000 (up by 9.3%)

   In 2021,  $1,345,000 (up by 33.8%)

   In 2020,  $1,005,500 (up by 7.5%)

Highest sold price

The highest house price was:

So far in 2024, $2,300,000

   In 2023, $2,310,000

   In 2022, $2,040,000

   In 2021, $2,111,000

   In 2020, $2,100,000

Number of sold house

The number of houses sold were:

So far in 2024, 104 sold

   2023, 280 sold

   2022, 271 sold

   2021, 401 sold

   2020, 320 sold

Average Days on market for house

Average Days on the market:

So far in 2024, 53 days

   2023, 52 days

   2022, 59 days

   2021, 26 days

   2020, 24 days

Median rental for house

The median rental was: 

So far in 2024, $850/week.

   In 2023, $820/week (up by 9.33%)

   In 2022, $750/week (up by 9.48%)

   In 2021, $685/week (up by 5.38%)

   In 2020,  $650/week ( up by 4.8%)

The Ponds
House Market in 2024

The stats up to Q2 2024

Median house price was $1,682,500

Median price for:

   3-bed house was $1,177,000

   4-bed house was $1,680,000

   5+bed house was $1,931,250

Number of houses sold was 44

Median land size sold was 400 sqm

Average days on the market for a house was 51 days

Average days on the market for:

   3-bed house was 74 days

   4-bed house was 53 days

   5+bed house was 34 days

The record up to Q2 2024

The highest price for a house sold was $2,290,000

The highest price for:

   3-bed sold was $1,350,000

   4-bed sold was  $2,000,000

   5+bed sold was  $2,290,000

The largest land size for a residential house sold was 592 sqm

The selling method up to Q2 2024

The percentage of properties sold with private treaty was 57.1%.

The percentage of properties sold at Auction was 42.9%.

Rental market up to Q2 2024

Number of rented 55 properties

Median rent for a house was $850/week

Median rent for:

   3-bed was $780/week

   4-bed was $850/week

   5+bed was $975/week

Average days on the market was 13 days

Average days on the market for :

   3-bed house was 13 days

   4-bed house was 12 days

   5+bed house was 14 days

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