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Why do you need a FREE property selling consultation from a professional real estate agent?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I've given selling consultations to hundreds of property owners for free over the years. I've always seen my consultation as an essential part of my real estate services, and most people are curious as to what the catch is? there are no strings attached! This post will explain why I offer this service for free, what you will get from it, and proof from other sellers how it helps them.

Firstly, why do you need a selling consultation?

According to CoreLogic's sales data analysis, homeowners hold on to their homes for much longer than they were 10 years ago. The data indicated that homeowners sell their houses on average after holding them for 11.3 years and their apartments after 9.6 years. There were lots that happened and change from the last time property owners sold their property to the time they are selling again. For example, decades ago, advertising in a newspaper is a big part of marketing for a property to sell. Nowadays, with the internet's advance, we have online advertising in websites such as or as the dominant one. Because homeowners only experience selling their property every 10 years or so, and with the rapid changes in the way we market a property, it is essential to get the right advice in planning your property selling.

Why having a selling consultation is important?

The first step to get your property selling right is to know what things need to be considered when you are planning to sell. You can acquire this knowledge by doing your research or by asking people around. However few things to consider when you are doing it on your own is gathering this information will take time, you might receive the wrong advice from an unqualified person and lastly, the available information might not be relevant to your personal situation or the local market where you want to sell. It will be more productive to have a conversation with a professional real estate agent who understands the ins and outs of property selling in your local area. This is one of the main reasons why I provide this selling consultation so that you have the right advice from the start, which will give you the right direction on how to plan your selling and how to maximise your property selling price.

Irving with Kerran a happy property seller
Irving with Kerran a happy property seller

How do you know if an agent is qualified and knowledgeable?

In the past, when I'm renovating my house, I've had builder after builder come out to my home and spend an hour with me, sharing their thoughts and ideas, measuring and recommending, with no assurance that I'll choose them.

As previously stated, the first step to selling your property is to start by having a conversation with the right people with the right knowledge. My free selling consultation works the same as choosing the right builder. I offer my consultation as a no-obligation approach for you to be able to pick my brain and sample my knowledge and experience. You can also take this opportunity to judge if we can work together and if you feel comfortable during our chat.

What do others say about my consultation?

I recently received the following testimonial from Kerran a house seller, a property seller to emphasises the importance of this process:

"Honesty, Integrity, and a whole lot more!!! From the start, Irving is completely dependable, always truthful, and genuinely enthusiastic about his work. He is always kind and quick to respond to our requests. He has all the local knowledge of recent sales around our area and realistic expectations for our home. Irving never let anything bother him. Throughout the entire sales campaign, he was constantly striving to suit our needs. We're extremely delighted we went with Irving to sell our home. He comes highly recommended by me!"

So, what's the catch, exactly?

There are no strings attached! This consultation will be for residential property selling in New South Wales as different states may have different legislation than NSW.

After having your consultation, you are not obligated to use me as a real estate agent for your property selling.

During our consultation, I'll get to know more of your situation and help you formulate a plan for what things to consider before you are selling, tips on preparing your property to maximise the selling price and inform you through the selling process. I will suggest recommendations to your selling plan to make sure you are in the right direction and provide you with an honest property appraisal to know the value of your home.

So what are you waiting for? I look forward to hearing from you soon?

irving gunawan - licensed real estate agent

Irving Gunawan | RayWhite Kellyville Licensed real estate agent


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